Site is devoted to linguistic theory in the field of attribution of literary works. The solutions of famous problems are suggested by using methods of mathematical modeling and quantitative description of individual-author styles on a syntactic level.

In the arts, literature and antiques, attribution is the judgment by experts as to the authorship, date, or other aspect of the origin of a work of art, text or cultural artifact. Works «attributed» to an artist are more firmly believed to be theirs than those «ascribed».

In linguistics the basic assumption of quantitative authorship attribution is that the author of a text can be selected from a set of possible authors by comparing the values of textual measurements in that text to their corresponding values in each possible author's writing sample.

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Recommended reading:

Marusenko M., Rodionova E. (2010) Mathematical Methods for Attributing Literary Works when Solving the “Corneille-Molière” Problem / Journal of Quantitative Linguistics, Volume 17, Issue 1.

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