A study of documental-historical facts and data using philological analysis allowed us to form a complex attribution hypothesis which suggests that some of the plays ascribed to Molière were written by P. Corneille, F. Quinault, and unknown authors. The attribution done proved the high informational capacity and style-differentiating capabilities of the parameters at a syntactical level.

The authorship of six plays out of thirteen objects analyzed was determined as a result of the work of the determinate algorithm: “Le dépit amoureux”, “L'École des maris”, “Les Fâcheux”, “L'École des femmes”, “Tartuffe”, and “Les Femmes savantes” were attributed to P. Corneille with a probability of more than 0,95. F. Quinault was attributed authorship of the play “L'Étourdi” as a result of the work of the probability algorithm of recognition, while P. Corneille was attributed with authorship of the plays “Sganarelle”,  “Le Misanthrope”, “Mélicerte”, and “Pastorale comique” with various degrees of probability (from 0,63 to 0,73). The results of the probability algorithm were corrected in the process of the procedure of appraising the quality of classification. Two plays, “Dom Garcie de Navarre” and “La Princesse d'Élide”, made up the a posteriori class. Overall, the variant of the alternative hypothesis was corroborated: the texts of plays ascribed to Molière are the works of P. Corneille, F. Quinault, and one unknown author.
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